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"A government large enough to give you everything you want, is powerful enough to take everything you have." ~~Thomas Jefferson~~


April 25, 2011:

  Bill called us last night ant made the announcement. He asked Amanda to marry him!! I just think it is awesome.

  And speaking of awesome... Last week (April 15th to be exact), Bill and Amanda committed themselves to this house in Morrisville. Wow! My boy is a man, and an impressive one at that.

A Moment In History

September 6, 2010
  Those of us watching the National League Divisional Series Game 1, between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Cincinatti Reds, were treated to history. Pitcher Roy Halladay threw the second-only no-hitter in post-season history. Marni and I sat there, at the end of the seventh inning and into the eighth, ans she wouldn't let me say the words "no hitter." Congratulations to Roy. You have definitely become a Philadelphia legend.


Brand New Family Member!!

September 9, 2010
  Here she is. Rachael Lynn Marcotte. Born 9/9/10, at 4:45pm. She weighed in at 7lbs, 10 ozs, and was 20 inches long. Jen had to go C-section, and she came through it beautifully. There are more pictures on my Facebook page.

Lotsa NEW Things!
Jake and Jen get a new place.

November 1, 2009

  Last Wednesday, Jake and Jen went to settlement on thier new place. They are moving to a place in the Doylestown area. We took a ride with them, today to check it out. They are so excited, and I don't blame them. Check out a few of the Some pics I took.

A New Family Member?

November 1, 2009

  Bill and Amanda have adopted a miniature Dachshund. Her Name is Bella, and she is adorable. As of this picture, she is six weeks old. She will be staying with Amanda, out at Kutstown, while she is at college. I took some pictures of Bill playing with Bella at Jake and Jen's new place.

Oh...The Phillies.

November 1, 2009
  They lost. Game 4 of the World Series, they were down 2 games to 1 to the New York Yankees, and they lost. 'Nuff said. Go, Phillies.

National League Champs, AGAIN!!

October 21, 2009
  Oh baby!! Oh baby, OH BABY!!!
  How incredible is it? Totally. The Philadelphia Philles have won the National Leage pennant for two years in a row!! They man-handled the Dodgers, once again, losing only one game of the NL championship series. Wow! What a pleasure to watch!

Goodbye, Cinder.

October 16, 2009

  Well.... It was finally time to say goodbye to my faithful companion, of 11 years. He was not doing well, these past couple months, and we saw it was time. Carly and I took him for his final ride, and were there as he went to sleep forever. I was surprised how quick and peaceful it was for him. So.... now he is gone. I'm going to miss him.


September 30, 2009   National Leage East champs!!!
  Surprisingly, last night's game was not what a friend of mine would call a "Maalox Moment." The Phillies started tapping in runs and they never looked back. That's the way to win a ball game, and to clinch to National League East title. Now... finish the season, then onto the post-season.
  Uhmmmmm..... Get the Maalox ready.


September 27, 2009
  Why, why, why, why, why???
  Why do Philadelphia team INSIST on making it difficult for us to watch? This series, the Phillies played in Milwaulke, was sooooo difficult to watch. It has me wondering about the post season. When they went to face the Brewers, I was prettty confident there would be a post-season. I guess I am PRETTY sure now. What's going to happen beyone that.... it sure is anyone's guess. As Marni has said, though, it is not boring. GO PHILLIES!!!!

Oh Happy & Sad

September 6, 2009
  First the happy:  We spent a fantastic afternoon, up at the Doughty Lakeside Resort.  I don't have any pictures because my camera no longer functions, but it is the same resort as previous times. The weather was simply beautiful, watching the boats on the lake was great, and spending time with Dan, Becky, Steph and the boys... always an adventure. Just kidding. I truly enjoy spending time with them. Nik and Chris always have ways of surprising you with what they'll say next, but with my brother as their father... no surprise there.
  Marni and I, then Bill and Amanda, joined the Doughtys and Becky's mom andbrother for a barbequed meal. The food was great (geez, I sound like a resort critic). Anyhow, thanks to the Doughtys for another great afternoon.
  And now the bad:  WTF-Lidge managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, once again, last night. Well, maybe I should blame it on good ole' Charlie. He refuses to see anyone other than Lidge as his closer. When Lidge loaded the bases, with the Phillies up one run, Manuel should have replaced the pitcher, but no. It was only by an extremely smart move by Ryan Howard, to toss the ball to home, to get one out and stop the tieing(sp?) run from coming in. Unfortunately, even the fantastic defense which had pulled Lidge's bacon (and I really hate using this term, but it works) from the fire SO MANY TIMES, couldn't help when the next batter shoots one over the infield for a two-run base hit, allowing the Braves to win. Maybe... JUST MAYBE, this could have been averted if the Phillies offencse could have figured out how to get some hits, and produce some runs earlier in the game. But, maybe I am expecting too much. They're only the defending Word Series Champs.

Nik's Big Catch

September 1, 2009
  Nephew, Nikolas, has taken up a new hobby. He has found the joy of fishiing (something I have never found the joy of, but Bill enjoyed it). It also appears, here, that Nik knows what he's doing as well. Great job, Nik.

More Fun On the Water

August 28, 2009
canoeing down the Batsto
  Last Saturday, Bill and I accompanied the troop on their annual canoe trip. We traveled to south New Jersey to canoe on the Batsto River, which twists and turns its way through Wharton State Forrest.
relaxing at the campsite
  We stayed overnight in the only camping facility along the route, which was a pretty nice site. It wasn't as relaxing a trip along the river, as the water lever was high, and the tree branches low. This made for quite a few CLOSE encounters with the trees and leaves. On Sunday, we managed to lose the two chairs you see us sitting in, in the above picture. Oh well.
  The trip was a challenge to canoeing skills. Despite the branch encounters, Bill and I managed to stay in the canoe. There was only one really close call, where we thought we were headed over, but he and I managed to keep it from flipping.

Ahh..What A Day.

August 15, 2009
  We just spent a beautiful day out on the Delaware River. Geri and Keith invited Marni and I to go out on their boat. They have a 19-foot boat (and I apologize for not remembering the make or model. I will work on that.). Keith expertly captained her, cruising from their marina in Tullytown, down to the Burlington-Bristol Bridge, then up to U.S.Steel. We acnored across from Penn Manor, and did some swimming. It was a VERY enjoyable, and relaxing way to spend a Saturday. Too bad it had to be spoiled by a Phillies game.
  They actually DESERVED to lose that game. It is incredible to me that two frickin' innings IN A ROW, they can have a man on third base, with less than two outs and cannot score. To make it worse, in the 8th, Victorino gets to thrid base on an error over-throw, and Utley, Howard and Ibanez (the MEAT of the batting order) do nothing... AGAIN! I mean, come on! You're the WORLD SERIES frickin' CHAMPS. And then of course, they put WTF Lidge in for the save, at the top of the ninth, and he blows it again. It was not fun to watch at all. Go Phillies. Yeesh.
  Anyhow, thank you, Geri and Keith for a positively great afternoon.


August 9, 2009
  What a "wonderful" weekend to be a Phillies fan. Oh wait. I'm sorry. Make that a Marlins fan. The Phillies have forgotten how to swing the bat. They manage to get people on base (as in today's game, they lucked on a couple times), but then they just don't know what to do from there. Unfortunately for them, the Marlins were not going to sit around and wait for them to figure it out. In fact the Marlins did a real "IN YOUR FACE," by literally spanking the Philles 12 to 3. And this was after having their hats handed to them by the last place Nationals. So I guess they showed the Phillies. I know! The Phillies felt sorry for the Marlins, so they said, "Here. Take this homestand from us. We'll let you sweep us and blow a nice 7 game lead in the division to a 4 game lead." Pathetic.


July 11, 2009 ... Phillies vs. Pirates @ Philadelphia
  Wow!! What a finish to the game!! Bottom of the 9th, the Phillies are down by 4. Matt Stairs comes up to pinch hit, and BAM!! Home run. Down by 3. Jimmy Rollins comes to the plate. He gets on base. Shane Victorino flies out. Chase Utley gets on base. Ryan Howard comes up.... BAM!! Three-run homer, to tie the game. Raul Ibanez comes up, a double ... almost a homer. They walk Jaysen Werth. Pedro Feliz singles. Bases are loaded. Paul Bocco (not sure it it's spelled properly) comes up. The count is 3 and 2, pop! He gets a base hit, knocking in the winning run. What a game. Go Phillies!!


July 6, 2009
  The phans in Philadelphia got to see one.... HECK of a game tonight. The Phils spanked that C-Reds over and over, with a 22 to 1 win. You saw that right... 22 to 1.
&nsbp; It all kicked off in the first inning with a lead-off walk by Jimmie Rollins, followed by a 2-run homer, by Shane Victorino. Then next batter walked, and Greg Dobbs hits a two-run homer. And it just went down-hill (for the Reds) from there. The Phils batted completely around in that inning. The Reds wound up pulling the starting pitcher, when the score in the 1st inning was 7 to 0. The very first pitch by the reliever, with two Phillie base-runners, was to Chase Utley, who hit a 3-run homer. The first inning finally ended with the score 10 - 0.
  Now, I was at Scouts, during this, but checked in every now and again, and was there when the score was raised to 16 to 1. The Reds did have a solo homer in the second inning, and that was the only run Cole Hamels let them have. The Phils answered that with another run in the bottom of the 2nd. It was quite a night, including Jaysen Werth getting a grand slam homer which took the score to 22 to 1. Quite a night indeed. Go Phillies!

It's a SWEEP!

July 5, 2009
  ... and at home!! THe Phillies have just swept the NY Mets, in a three-game series, and boy did they look good. Jimmie Rollins and Chase Utley scored the only two points in the game, with home runs, each, but defensively, they were there. Joe Blanton kept the Mets scoreless through 7 innings. Chan Ho Park came in and finished them off in the 8th, and Brad Lidge struck out the side in the 9th. What a wonderful win!! Go Phillies!

What the F..ox??

July 4, 2009
  Okay, I finished watching Fox's Saturday Afternoon Baseball, and I gotta say.... They Suck! I mean, I wanted to watch MY favorite team play baseball and...
THIS IS FOX SPORTS!! We are breaking into this commentary with breaking news from Los Angeles! Manny Ramirez is about to take a dump. Let's go directly tthere now..

  Okay, maybe it wasn't that bad, but everytime Ramirez came up to bat, WE HAD TO WATCH IT! WHO CARES???. The mook was suspended for testing positive for enhancement drugs, and freaking FOX is treating him like a god. I was not a FOX Sports fan, before this, and am really not now. Even Tim McCarver balked about the hype of Ramirez's return.
  Oh, by the way, the Phillies wond a second consecutive game... AT HOME, but that certainly wasn't as important as Manny Ramirez's homer at his second at-bat. SHEESH!! Go Phillies!

Now THAT's What I'm Talking About!

July 3, 2009
  Philadelphia - 7, NY (Mets) - 2!! Nice! Rodrigo Lopez was called up fromthe Lehigh Valley team, and started off this home stand. He did an excellent job. Not to mention the Phillies bats were turned on tonight. Jimmy Rollins starting it off in the 1st inning, Shane, all of them. A great game to watch. Now, as the commentator so aptly stated, one game does not a slump break, but a win, to start off a series, AT HOME, is a good start. Go Phillies!!


July 2, 2009
  I am beyond "WTF." But, it seems Ryan Madsen has become the best pitcher.... for the other teams. ::shakes his head.:: I really thought, after last Sunday, that I could change the heading. Well, I did. But not for the better. The Philles are now 4 and 14, for their last 18 games. The Braves are now among the teams who have swept the 2008 World Series Champs. ::Sighs:: Onto the Mets.


June 19, 2009
  I am forced to leave that headline up, and I ask, yet again...WTF????
  The Phillies have dropped their 4th straight at home, and made it 6 losses for the last 7 games. Cannot blame it, totally on the starting pitcher. Bastardo did allow 4 runs, but that was in 7 innings. His pitching was actually pretty decent. Derbin gets in there in the 9th and gives up a home run right away, then gives up two more runs, making it impossible for the Philles to come back in the bottom of the 9th, and I do mean impossible. Considering the way they have been hitting. SHEESH!!!!! June 17, 2009
  Have the Phillies decided they do not like the Citizens Bank Park? Or maybe just the pitching staff. Cole Hamels did manage to hold the Blue Jays to 2 runs, last night, but even he was looking pretty poor. Let's not even talk about the bull pen.... Okay, gotta talk about them. YUCK!!!!
  Romero came in and made it a nail biter inning, but managed to get out of it with not runs. Then came Madsen. Nothing like walking in the run to tie the game in the bottom of the ninth!! Then came Clay Condrey. He gave up FIVE RUNS, in the 10th inning. SHEESH!! WTF, guys? This is your home field!!!

Maybe Not So Bad

June 7, 2009
  As per usual, my groahning about the Phillies was pre-mature.... I hope. Here we are, June and they are the National League East leaders by 3 games. Yayy!
  Even though they lost the last two, to the Los Angeles Dodgers, they have performed much better against them than I expected. The Dodgers are the best team in the National Leage, right now, so it can be accepted they would lose to them. The heartbreaker comes when it has been a defensively TIGHT game and ... well, I don't want to blame it on Lidge, but, he did blow the last two saves. Of course, if the offense would have woke up some, it would have helped. Both teams have had outstanding starters. Thursday night, Cole Hamels through an entire game and shut the Dodgers out! That is some fine baseball.
  So, it's not so bad. :)

Sighs: Another Season Opener Lost

April 5, 2009 - Ahhh, Philadelphia sports. You gotta love it. You would think, that just once, we'd have a team you could be sure of season after season. Well, I am not giving up, I just would like the comfort of a true winning team for a change. Anyhow, we will see how the rest of the season goes.

Another Win For Kyle Bush

March 1, 2009
Out at Las Vegas Speedway, Kyle Bush drove to victory lane. Kyle had earned the pole position, and was marked as officially starting in the pole position, but, he had to replace the engine in his car and therefore had to start at the back of the pack. Despite this positioning, Kyle battled his way forward in the M&Ms Toyota (owned by Joe Gibbs Racing), and took the win.

Joe Gibbs also owns the #11-FedEx Toyota, driven by Denny Hamlin, and the #20-Home Depot Toyota, driven by newcomer Joey Logano.

If you can't tell by now, I am partial to Joe Gibbs cars. ::grins::

Too Little, Too Late

January 20, 2009
Yep. Once again, the symbol you see can also be taken as the symbol for choking. Am I jumping off the band wagon? Probably. If they would have played decently in the first half of the game, they would be on their way to the Super Bowl. But, as always, they decide to wait until the second half of the game to decide to play football. And with the Cardinals, they had to do a lot of catch-up.

I hate to say it, but a friend of mine made the comment that it all seemed a little to orchestrated. And for David Akers to miss an extra point shot? Wow! What is that all about? Take it what you will. Another Super Bowl bid down the toilet.

Go Eagles

January 11, 2009 Well, first off..... HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope 2009 is good to you all. I am looking forward to good things happening. Heaven knows we need it.

Next up: How about them EAGLES? I can scarecly believe what I am seeing. A couple weeks ago, I was sure they were done. I don't want to jinx things, so I won't say anything about ...(whispers) them going to the Super Bowl. Let's just root them on.

Finally: I have gone Mraz-crazy. I was looking for music for one singer, Justin Nozuka, and was suggested to also listen to Jason Mraz. Well, I am glad I did. He is an awesome singer/songwriter. Anyone not sure who he is, might know the tune "The Remedy." That is only one of his hits. One of my favorite songs by him is, "Life Is Wonderful." I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

June 13, 2008

Carly gets her diploma from Bensalem High School. It was definitely hor, sitting in the direct sunlight, but it was worth it.

A Princess!

As promised, here she is. And boy, did she look breathtaking. I cannot get over how beautiful she looked. Jen worked so closely with Carly to make her look so perfect, and .... well, you see the results.

If you want to view more pictures, click here.

Good News, and Bad News

Well, let's go with the bad news first and get it over with. I am once again unemployed. The PD determined my vision problems could be a safety issue (for the officers on the street), and terminated me. Oh well. On to the good news.

Bill has been accepted to Manor College, in Jenkintown. It was great to see the excitement in his face (Okay, I more heard it in his voice) as he read the acceptance letter.

Carly, of course, has been accepted to, and offered a scholarship, to Delaware Valley College. She had been undecided, as she also was awaiting word from a college in NY (which I cannot remember), but the deposir has been sent and things are set.


Check out:

Bill & Andrew's Excellent Adventure.

The Bacons were once again guest at the Doughty Lakeside Resort for Vittlefest 2004. A good time was had by all. Check out the pictures.

Pictures from the FIRST excursion to the Doughty lakeside resort.


Carly and her VERY proud dad. Jake helps Carly with her corsage.



Check out the lastest on Aunt Ducky (as it is given to me, of course).

Singsnap Recordings:
Singsnap is a online karaoke web site. I joined it approximatey two years ago, and have recored quite a few songs online. Here are some of my songs:


Are you ready for DTV???

The time is drawing closer for the big switch to digital t.v. Are you ready? Check out this video.

Ever wonder how your Cell Phone works?

Here is a link for a very interesting article.

Bill getting his diploma
On June 14, 2005, William Patrick Bacon became a graduate of the Bucks County Technical High School. The ceremony was held at the Christian Life Center in Bensalem.Along with his high school diploma, he received a certificate of completion in Collision Repair Technology,Pennsylvania Skills certificate, and Pennsylvania Certificates of proficiency in the areas of reading and writing.

Check out graduation pictures.

Below is a picture of a truck Bill painted for a friend at school. I was rather impressed when we went to see it. I think you'll see why.

Sometheing really cool:

Want to see a 360 degree view of an Airbus A380 cockpit? This is really cool.


Looks like someone really needed his beauty sleep. Jake assumed te position on the trip back from New York.

Bill and Kyle display a souvenier Bill got on his way to New York. You'll have to ask Bill about this one.


New Safety Measures

With the high rate of attacks on women in secluded parking lots, especially during evening hours, the Minneapolis City Council has established a "Women Only" parking lot at the Mall of America.

Even the parking lot attendants are exclusively female so that a comfortable and safe environment is created for patrons. Below is the first picture available of this world-first women-only parking lot in Minnesota.
Check it out!!



I was sent an awesome stress test. Give it a try.
Stress test.

Another Family Site

     For those of you on the Bacon side of the family (and the Jones side if you're curious) the Doughty's have their own web site. It is totally excellent also. The site can be found at

My brother Alert also has his own Family site. You can find it at His is a tad darker than Dan's is, but cool nonetheless.


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