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Current Bacon Machines
2002 Ford Sport Trac
(Purchased Feb 2002)
2001 Pontiac Aztec
Leased for 3 years November 2000
1966 Plymouth Barracuda
  • Bought from my father in the spring 1974
  • Driven regularly until I bought my first truck
  • Driven only on weekends until 1987 when I bough the house and could no longer afford to keep it on the road..

Past Bacon Machines

1998 Ford Explorer
Purchased, April 1998, traded for the Sport Trac.
NOTE: The lights are from when I was Deputy Chief of Newport.
1989 Ford Ranger 4X4
  • purchased Feb 1989
  • sold May, 2008
  • 1993 Chevy Astro Van
    Coachmen Conversion
    (Traded for the Explorer>
  • 1990 Chevy Astro Van
    (I totaled this one::sheepish smile::)
I am working on getting pics for these cars.
1980 Ford Fairmont S/W (traded this for the 1990 Chevy Van)
No pic available yet 1977 Ford F-150
(traded for the 1989 Ranger)
1978 Ford Mustang II (hatchback)
(This was the first car I bought for Marni, I really liked this one.)
  • 1973 Ford F-100 Pick-up
    (As beat as this truck was when I bought it, it still rode and ran like a champ. It's what sold me on Ford trucks)
  • 1972 D0dge D-100 Pick-up
    My first truck.
    (Totaled while sitting in the firehouse parking lot)
  • 1965 Dodge Dart
  • 1964 Plymouth Belvedere
Pictures not available, but if I find any, they will surely be posted.

1964 VW Convertible

Well, the pictured aren't actually MY bug, but close enough. Mine had a black convertible top, and no reverse (most of the time). It was tough to start in the dead of winter, but I sure have fond memories of it. I also wouldn't mind having one again.