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November 5, 2008
The 2008 Presidential Election is now a thing of the past. Barrak Obama is not the president-elect. We can now stop hearing all the crap on tv.

Though I, personally, am not happy with the outcome, I do wish him the best. I hope, with ALL my heart, that all the critics I have been listening to are wrong. I hope Mr. Obama proves everyone wrong, and is the best President yet.

One thing we can say about this election, it was historic. The first Afro-American voted to the highest office in our country. Pretty awesome.

Time to move on with things. Good luck, Mr. Obama.


Phillies players celebrate!

October 29, 2008
The Phillies pick Game 5 up at the borrom of the sixth inning. Lead off batter, Jeff Jenkins starts the inning off right, with a double. Shane Victorino lays down a perfetct bunt, sending Jenkins to third base. The Phiting Phils score a run in the inning, putting them up one and possibly saving the win for Cole Hamels.

The Rays answer in the top of the 7th with a home rung, tieing the score, once again. The Phils answer with another run, and then manage to shut down the Rays. Brad Lidge, kept his save record PERFECT, and the Phils home win record in the post season perfect.

What a fantastic game to watch. What a fantastic feeling.

Thank you to Charlie Manuel and the Philadelphia Phillies!!!

Holy Crap, and BRRRR!

October 28, 2008
Click the picture above, for a larger image, of see Picture 2, of picture 3.

This was the scene outside my window, today. I looked up from an email I was writing, and could no believe my eyes. Snow, so heavy, and laying, in October. Amazing. I hope this is not a taste of what we can expect for the rest of the winter.

The weather has created quite a stir, here. Last night, creating a WHOLE new controversy, Game 5 of the World Series was stopped at before the bottom of the sixth inning, because of the rain, and cold. It has definitely been all the talk of the town. Should they have stopped the game? Should they have even STARTED the game, because the weather forecasters ALL predicted the rain. It definitely took everyone's minds off the elections.

Thank You Joe!

October 26, 2008
No. I do not mean Joe the Plumber. I mean Joe Blanton, pictured in a Okland A's uniform. He was starting pitcher for the Phillies, in Game 4, of the World Series. Joe did a FANTASTIC job on the mound, and even hit a home-run, which has not been seen by a pitcher since 1974.

Gotta take my hat off to Ryan Howard. I will be the first to criticize, because he is the so-called BAT for the Phillies, and he has been far too quiet. Well, he made some noise tonight. Not one, but TWO home runs in the game, the first was a 3-run shot, and the second was a 2-run homer. Jason Woerth showed he has just as dangerous bat as he put a 2-run shot over the wall, prior to Ryan Howard's. Both those shots came in the bottom of the eighth.

Final score of the game: 10 to 2, Phillies, giving them a 3 games to 1 advantage in the Series.

Bye-bye, Boston

October 19, 2008

The Tampa Bay Rays survived Game 7, of the ALC to take the championship, and the ticket to the World Series, away from the Boston Red Sox. In a bit of a nail-bighter game, they beat Boston by a score of 3 - 1. The Phillies will take on the Rays in Game 1, of the World Series, Wednesday night, in St. Petersburg.


Candidates Roast:

October 18, 2008
This past Thursday night, Oct. 16th, the two candidates for President of the United States, met and dined in New York City. They both had the opportunity to give a bit of a roast. It was a McCain us supporters had wished we'd seen before. Here is Part 1, , and Obama's turn.


October 15, 2008
I cannot think of a better way to say it!! The Phillies finished off the Dodgers, tonight, to take the 2008 National Leagure pennant!! Cole Hamels Hamels was the winning pitcher, and winner of MVP, but (in my opinion) Shane Victorino (pictured below) is the series MVP.

I am not much of a sports reporter, so I won't try and put all the details. Just know, it was a great game to watch. Not once did I curse during this game. That is how strong the Phils played. Of course, the errors made by the Dodgers helped. Onto the World Series!!


October 14,2008
Whatta game!!!

Game 4 of the National League Championship series. The Phillies pull off another victory. We go into the eigth inning, trailing 5-3. Shane Victorino, the Flyin' Hawaiian, hits a two run homer to tie the game. Carlos Ruiz pulls himself a 2-out single, and is followed up by pinch-hitter, Matt Stairs, who puts another shot over the wall to give the Phils the 7-5 lead.

In the bottom of the eigth, the Dodger top of the order comes up. JC Romero, pitching for the Phils, walks the first batter. The next batter, hits into a double play, bringing Manny Ramirez to the plate. Charlie Manuel sends closer, Brad Lidge, to face Ramirez. Manny doubles off Lidge. Lidge walks the next batter, but gets the final out wit a pop up to the outfield.

In the ninth inning, Lidge shut them down, to save the game. Ryan Madson earned the win, and the Phils move to within one game of the World Series.

Go Phillies!!!!

Obama? McCain?

OCtober 8, 2008
Well, the second of three debates between the presidential candidates is history. Was there anything surprising, or decisive to come out of it? Not in my opinion. I will say, Obama talks a good game. For those who want to believe in him, he is saying all the right things. But, can he realistically deliver?

I know the Obama supporters are saying that McCain will just be an extension of George Bush. Honestly, listening to him, last night, he sounded an awful lot like George. But, one thing you can be sure of, he is an American for America. He does have the military background, which would qualify him to be Commander In Chief. Unfortunately, that alone does not a President make. Still, he had my support.

On TO L.A.!!!

October 5, 2008
WOOHOO!! After a home field win, in Game 3, by the Brewers, the Phillies come alive in the third inning of Game 4 and take an early 5-0 lead. With outstanding pitching by Joe Blanton, and some fine work by Ryan Madson, they hold Milwaukie to two runs. Brad Lidge comes in, in the 9th, and naile down their spot in the National League Championship series.

Go, Phillies, GO!! Good luck against the Dodgers, who swept Chicago in 3 games.

You really have to feel sorry for the Chicago fans. They were looking at the possibility of a "subway series," for the World Series. Then, the Cubs get swept in three, and as of the time of this writing, the White Sox were facing the same fate against Tampa Bay.

They Do It Again!!

September 27, 2008
The Philadelphia Philles have, for the second year in a row, become the National League East champions.

In true Philadelphia fashion, they didn't do it easily. Going into the ninth inning, against the Washington Nationals, the Phils led 4-2. Their ace closer, Brad Lidge, on the mound. He strikes out the first batter. The rally towels are swinging like mad. The then next batter gets a single, and Brad walks the next batter. Another hit for the Nationals adds a run for the Nationals. Then next shot goes out to, Golden Glover, Jimmie Rollins. He fires to Uttley on second, and Utley fires to Ryan howard for the double play.

They definitely like to keep things suspenseful. But, they have done it. On to the post-season. Let's hope it lasts a little longer than it did, last year.

Keeping it Fair

September 26, 2008
Also, keeping things fair, I received this little tidbit about Senator McCain, and Sarah Palin in an email. Directly after announcing the good governor as his running mate, they were at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania. They're interaction with a family, there, touched that family so much, the father called the Rush Limbaugh radio show and commented about it. Rush was so impressed witht he call, he put it on his website, including pictures of the account. Here is the link: It was definitely worth the read.

September 25, 2008
In the spirit of being fair, I am willing to show not-so-positive views of a candidate, I support, as well as the positive. McCain cancels an interview with David Letterman, on the Late Show, and Dave speaks out against it. ::chuckles:: It was a good bit.

A Singing Star

September 22, 2008:
I have finally learned what my money is paying for, at Delaware Valley College. Last week, Carly went to a dance/karaoke night. She performed "Red Neck Woman." She won 2nd Place, and a $50 cash award. She's on her way!!!!

In all seriousness, she seems to be enjoying her college days. There is nothing wrong with having some fun, so long as the studies are getting done. Plus, I am kinda jealous that she got to do karaoke. I LOVE doing karoake.

SNL Season Premier

September 14, 2008
NBC's long-running show, Saturday Night Live, premiered this past Saturday night (go figure). As you can see by the embedded link above, it was an instant classic. Tina Fey played Sarah Palin, and Amy Poehler played Hilary Clinton. I did not see the show, but saw a clip on the evening news. I had to find it, and as you can see, I was successful.

My cousin, John's, son (also name John) has been relishing in pointinf out all the flaws of the Republican political campaign. Ever since he read that I was supporting the McCain/Palin ticket, he has been doing his best to show me how wrong I am. So, I know he will enjoy the video.

I also saw a video on YouTube, where actor Matt Daimon talks about Sarah Palin. He's scared, folks. Really scared. I didn't embed that one because, it wasn't worth the extra space.

MTV's Top Pop:

September 12, 2008

Above is a pop singing group known as Ju-Taun. Now you might ask, "What is so special about this group?" Good question. Number one, for me, one of the group members is a nephew of one of my radio buddies. Number two: they ARE good!! They are currently competing in MTV's Top Pop contest. You can go to the MTV Top Pop site for more details.

ouTube performance. I think you will enjoy them as well.

One of the greatest plays in baseball:


September 10, 2008
That time of the year is here again. The anniversary of the September 11, 2001 tragedy. The day many Americans woke up to the fact we are not immune to attack. A lot of innocent lives were lost that day. It has affected so many of us, in many different ways. Some were personally affected when they lost a loved one. I, personally, was affected by the incident, because I was a volunteer firefighter at the time. I watched in absolute horror and disbelief when the first tower came down, and then the second. The whole time, before that, I was constantly thinking of how I would be battling the blaze. In closing, show your local fire company or police department that you appreciate that they are there. Bake them some cookies, or take them some donuts. Just to say, "Thank you."

Check out who else is running in '08!!

"Change Is Coing."

September 5, 2008 - I have made my decision. Good, bad or indifferent, I am supporting McCain/Palin, in the presidential race.

I watched his speech, last night from the Republican convention. I was impressed. I actually liked the things he had to say. Now, he could easily be blowing smoke up our .... well, you know where, but I am willing to give him a chance.

I, also, really like Governor Palin, for some reason. It seems she has some substantial roots and really could understand what the middle-to-low class is going through. I do believe she could bring change, if she is permitted to by McCain, and should something happen to McCain, I am not afraid of her stepping up to the plate.

As far as Obama goes, I cannot see it. Maybe I have listened to too much propaganda. One part which bothers me most, is the one where he is quoted as saying that if push comes to shove between Muslims and non-Muslims, he wil side withthe former. This scares me. it may not be true. He may not have said it, but I do not want to take that chance. Plus, I have really lost faith in the Democratic party. Obama and Hilary Clinton were the best candidates they could come up with???

Well, there you have it. My official opinion. You may dislike me for it, or call me a fool, but I can accept that. We shall see what happens. Thanks for listening.

Moving In:

August, 2008

Marni helps Carly set up her room at Delaware Vallery College.


... then she helps Bill set up his dorm room, a week later, at Manor College.

Rocky, Distraught over Tiff with Bullwinkle, Ends It All

Well Maybe it wasn't really Rocky, and who knows if he even argues with mooses, but this poor squirrel needs lessons on walking on power lines....well, he NEEDED lessons.

Keepin' Up With the Joneses

click to enlarge
This show was taken at the 80th birthday party of their Aunt Rose, thier fafather's sister-in-law. Congrtats to this wonderful woman and the jones family altogether.

Cleaning Tip:

A new and exciting way to completing that evver-so-tedious chore of cleaning the toilet!

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Fisher 550th Anniversary pucs All the pics were taken by Dave, except for the ones with him in them.

The above picture was featured on the front page of the Bucks section of the Bucks County Courier Times. Frank is a close friend and it was neat to see his picture in the paper. The related article can be found online here.

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