Bill Bacon

  • Member of the Bucks County Technical School, CLass of 2005
    • ranked 24th of 300 in 2001
    • Graduated June 14, 2005
      • High School Diploma
      • Certificate of completion in Collision Repair Technology
      • Pennsylvania Certificates of Proficiency in the areas of reading and writing.
      • Pennsylvania Skills Certificate for high achievement in the specialty of Collision Repair Technology
  • Bensalem Senior High School DrumLine member
    • 2001 Outdoor season - 4th bass
    • 2002 Outdoor season - 5th bass -The show was "Tulsa" Finished as Chapter 3 Champions, played in the 2003 Sugar Bowl half time show in New Orleans.
    • 2003 Indoor season, 5th Bass. The show was "IQ." They placed 2nd in the Chapters competition and tied Lower Dauphin to become the 2003 TIA All-Chpater Champions

    • 2003 Ouutdoor Marching Band season:
      Bill took on the tenor drums. The show was titled "The Lost Continent" Bill, along with the marching band, became 2003 Atlantic Coast Champions!
    • 2004 Indoor season. Tenor drums. The show is titled "Dimensions." They placed 1st in the Chapters competition and became the 2004 TIA All-Chpater Champions with an all-time high score of 98.2!!
    • 2004 Outdoor season. Tenor drums. The show was titled "Ride." The marching band performed to become the Chapter 3 Champions, and placed fourth out of 25 in Scranton.
    • 2005 Indoor Drumline: Tenor drums. The show was titled "Progressions of Geometry". Placed fourth in championship competition in Wildwood, NJ.
  • Boy Scouts of America - Bucks County Council troop 130
    • Scout, achieved fall of 1997
    • Star scout achieved in 2001
    • Life Scout. Achieved November 2002
    • Merit Badges completed
      • Personal fitness
      • Music
      • Canoeing
      • Citizenship in the Community
      • Citizenship in the Nation
      • Citizenship in the World
      • Environmental Science

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